My view of Star Trek Discovery

As someone who has been a fan of the series since the beginning, there is no doubt that this latest incarnation is very different from the others, which is clearly disturbing to some. In fact, in the first season, they did their version of the “Mirror, mirror” episode, which is an episode I was never a fan of.

But the series has slowly but sure grown on me, and I simply accept its very different approach. The various incarnations have only shown up the limitations of the Original Series, even in terms of the special effects technologies that simply didn’t exist at the time of the Original Series.

What will we be like in two hundred and seventy years from now, when the Discovery version is supposed to be happening? Well, I have grown to like the characters, and I like the fact that the series is not “standardized”. So I wish the series luck, and hope its outlasts the Original Series and is still on the air five years from now.

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