More on Poetry

I said that my first exposure to poetry was Alexander Pushkin, but then I happened to look in my bookcase and realized I was wrong.

Back in 2008, on a trip to Australia to visit my brother and sister-in-law, I was, admittedly, somewhat surprised to find in the airport bookstore, Homer’s Illiad, Homer’s story of the Trojan wars, told in what is known in poetry as dactylic hexameter. While I have heard that terminology used before, I admit I am no expert on poetry.

I was surprised to find the book at an airport bookstore because, for me, the book had a reputation as very “scholarly”, very academic, intense reading. And it was that. It needed a “prerequiste” of a knowledge of history and the Trojan wars on which it was based to understand what you were reading.

But, thanks to the reminder about Homer, and now with Pushkin, I have come to have an appreciation for poetry.

I was only about halfway through the Illiad when the vacation in Australia ended, so it took me a full year to finish the Illiad, and then I immediately went out and purchased the second half, the Odessy.

But those are the books that I have read that are poetic in nature, although I am also into the plays of George Bernard Shaw, also a first experience, and turning into its own interesting experience.

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