I love books

I have always loved books.

When I was in elementary school, they gave us a “reader” book, filled with simple stories to help us to learn to read; my mother told me I taught myself to read. And when I was finished with my reader, I decided to read my science book, which started my life-long interest in science, especially astronomy.

            By the time I was a young teenager, maybe fourteen or fifteen, I had a respectable library. I became the family “nerd”. Initially I was insulted at the insinuation – not any more.

           My books are generally geared toward my interests, which are many, and lately have been enlarging on my interests. I was never big on poetry, until I came across a book of poetry by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, “Eugene Onegin”; I was impressed, and recently purchased an ebook compilation of his writings. I have reread “A Brief History of Time” by the late Stephen Hawking, as a book. And an ebook of humour by Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock.

           I have, in fact, three libraries now, one actual and two ebook. However, my collection is dwarfed by an experience I had in university. I took a course in journalism, to hone my own writing skills. The professor was kind enough to invite us to his home for a brunch on a Saturday. I arrived, and was absolutely astonished to see, with everyone else, that literally not one foot (or meter) of his basement didn’t have a bookshelf with books. There must have been at least a thousand books, conservatively.

            We were astonished, and concerned. What if he had to move, or tragically, what if there was a fire – plenty of fuel.

            So there’s lots to be said for the ebook revolution! But if I come across an actual book I like, I won’t hesitate to buy it.

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